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Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Budder – Top Shelf

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 0% Indica / 60% Sativa

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck, and Matanuska Tundra, is a rare sativa dominant strain that originated in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska. It is believed to originally be a Northern California sativa crossed with a Russian ruderalis, and was later crossed with Afghani genetics in the late 1970s. This strain harbors a pungent aroma that’s a mix of pine and lemon, with notes of skunk and menthol. ATF is beloved for its ability to stimulate appetite and its creeper-like effects. The ATF high begins with a sudden onset of cerebral stimulation, that induces sociability and creativity. As this intense euphoria builds, the body begins to ease into a relaxed state and hungry quickly sets in. Alaskan Thunder Fuck can be used to treat low appetite, depression, chronic stress, as well as mild to moderate pain.


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